Gshare Server Iks 12 Months

Original price was: €30.00.Current price is: €15.00.

  •  12 Months gshare Server Iks 
  • Full Packages
  • 4K – FHD – HD -SD
  • Instant Activation
  •  No Freez
  • 24/7 Support
  • Support All Receiver Work with gshare
  • Stable 24/24
  • balancing system
  • Uptime 99%
  • 30 Days money back
  • To make the payment, please contact us
  • Email:

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Renouveler l’abonnement gshare server 12 Mois pour : Geant – Starsat – Condor – Tiger – Qviart – Pinacle – Viark – MediasStar – Echolink …


Gshare server is currently the number one in opening all exclusive packages
It is characterized by continuous support from the team as it constantly adds channels
Gshare! server does not work on all receivers because it comes integrated with some devices only such as Geant Receivers, Starsat, Tiger and Mediastar, Viark
The subscription comes with the device for a year, after that you can renew through our website
In fact, your subscription to this server keeps you from searching for how to open channels or buying channel cards, which are sold at exorbitant amounts.

Get best price when you renew gshare! with our web site !!

Server renew is for 12 months

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